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Discover the new way to create clients.

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Create Clients
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Create Clients

In business there’s three things you need: the knowledge of the business, a sales process to sell your knowledge, and the people to sell that knowledge you have to.

You could have all the golden nuggets and the secret trick to make someone a billionaire, but if you’re speaking to an empty crowd you’ll be left empty handed.

That’s what we built our foundation on. Come to us with the knowledge and the patience to trust the process and we can do big things together.

Our company isn’t a quick fix. We want to build a good, long-term business relationships with our clients. If you’re ready to take your business to a new level with Instagram, we’re ready for you.

Alec Peterson,

I’m Alec. I’ve personally been using Instagram as a platform to market on for the past 8 years. When I first started at 15 it was really just something I did for fun. For the first few years I was just having fun growing my “themed” pages (basically just pages I would post cool travel or luxurious pictures.) I amassed a very large following through that (about 5,000,000 followers in total across all of my pages I had.)

I would sell advertisements on my pages for $50 a post, and at 18/19 I thought I was rich! Making $50-$100 a day was nice but it really doesn’t get you very far…

At 19 years old I dropped out of college and hit the drawing board on how I can take this Instagram side hustle to an actual business. I realized if I wanted to earn more, I had to provide more value.

To the current date, we’ve helped 500+ individuals create an amazing brand presence for themselves. We are here to help create more clients for our clients. We are pulling back the curtains and showing people like YOU how to start using instagram as a way to grow your business.

Garrett Mortenson,
branding expert.

Hey, I’m Garrett! I’ve been working with IG brands since 2017. Before I connected with Create Clients, I focused my time on very specific smaller niche pages. I was working in the background posting original content with the mission of building exclusive communities in a desired space. 4 years later and now partnered with Create Clients, I’m able to provide equal value while at the same time reaching a much broader audience and connecting entrepreneurs to clients specific to their business!

Outside of scaling brands I’m an avid outdoors explorer. I grew up in the country with a very western lifestyle, including ranching, training horses and rodeoing on the weekends. Riding saddle bronc horses is a very fast paced and intense sport. As a result I’ve developed a bulletproof mindset and enjoy attacking new opportunities with the same high octane energy levels that broncs bring!


We have a 3 phase process to success. We believe that greatness takes time, so we work in a way that our client’s will be able to take things in bite-size pieces. Overloading a client before they have the baby steps down is just setting the client up for failure. Here’s our process:

Phase 1. Create a strong foundation for the Instagram page.
Having a strong foundation to your brand will allow everything else to flow smoothly. We will help you become the “Louis Vuitton” of your industry. You could offer the same thing as your competitor, but that doesn’t mean you need to compete. We want to help our client’s dominate, not compete.

Phase 2. Create a lead generation strategy.
We have a wide range of lead generation services starting at as simple as networking through your page for you to as complex as “DM Campaigns” where we will create a targeted audience and message we can get out to millions of qualified people.

Phase 3. Create consistency.
We don’t want to just generate leads once. We want an overbooked calendar to be a consistent “problem.” At this phase, we can help take a deeper dive in to the client’s business. Do you have the right structures in place? What does your sales process look like? Is your offer the right offer for how we’re marketing? Looking at the fine details of the business will allow us to really scale to the next level and create that consistency that the client is looking for.

Are you ready to Create Clients?

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